Thursday, November 8, 2012

Welcome to the Ancient Roman Empire

Welcome to #Nipclub's Ancient Roman Holiday!
We hope to have some wonderful Roman treats for you, and we have our wonderful shelter @BichonRescueLA to support. Remember you can donate from any nipclub page, or use the button at the top of the page here. (You can also get to our Roman Bacchanalia Bar from up there)

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Athenia's Owl is here to help guide your selections,
So on to the treats!
Yum!! Pizza! In all of your favorite flavors and styles, especially Bacon! What's that you say Owl? The Ancient Romans didn't have Pizza. And your point?

Mozzarella and Ham Panzerotti. A tasty little fried bread and cheese pocket to take with you as you enjoy walking around Rome!

 Our special Calabrian Lasagna with Chick Peas and Bacon!
And lots of Cheese of course!
Fiori De Zucca
Deep fried Zucchini Blossoms stuffed with the finest Pecorino Cheese and a tasty sliver of Anchovy
 Our very tasty Chicken and Bacon! Spaghetti topped with lots of Parmigiano Cheese and fried Eggplant strips. (Why's that Owl complaining? Just ignore it!!)


 Lightly sauteed Eggplant Rolls stuffed with Procciutto Ham and Pecorino Cheese. Tasty!

Spaghetti Carbonara! Yeah!! Bacon!! What's the problem now Owl? Oh! OK. But we don't care that the Ancient Romans didn't have noodles until Marco Polo brought them in 1295

 Our Risotto Porcini
 Tasty rice with Porcini mushrooms, and just the right touch of Pecorino Cheese. Served in a Parmigiano boat!

Romano Erbazzone Tasty Spinach and Bacon! Bread. Another great little walk around food

Milanese Osso Buco
Tasty veal in a citrusy wine sauce

Nipclub's own famous Fried Lasagna! Sorry Owl, we don't care that the Ancient Romans never ate it!

Calabrian Venison Stew with Orange sauce. Yummy and filling on a cool Fall day.

Fresh Prawns! Those are tasty in any country, and in any Era!
Served with a light Nip and Lemon sauce

Heh! I think our Owl friend just had a coronary!
The Leaning Tower of Piza Bacon! Bacon! Bacon! Cheeseburger!
Extra Bacon! on request!

Didn't get enough Bacon! yet?
Our Bacon! wrapped Onion Rings should fix that right up!

Our Chicken Marengo is sure to hit the spot anytime of day!! Lightly pan-fried Chicken in a red wine sauce served with a fried egg. Yes Owl, we know Napoleon wasn't in Ancient Rome

(Sigh, does anyone think if I pointed out to our Owl friend that he and Athenia are from Ancient Greece it would hurt his feelings?)
Yummy!! Roman Artichokes!
 Ours are cooked in olive oil and then broiled with a taste Artichoke and Parmigiano paste
Some Tasty Sweet Treets!

Hey, we're in Rome! You didn't think I'd forget the Polenta did you? Our tasty Polenta Tart is made with Polenta, Almond flour, crushed Chestnuts and just the right touch of Honey and Butter

Another Roman speciality! Deep-fried Figs with Chocolate sauce

Something a little plainer? Our Shortbread Stars are sure to hit the spot, with just the right touch of Lemon and Nip!

Fritelle de Mele
Our Apple Beignets are very tasty and sweeten with just the right touch of Honey
(Is that Owl still around?) Yep our Napoleons are Italian, not French! Our flaky pastry filled with Whipped Cream is sure to hit the spot!

Yum! Our Praline Bacon! is sure to be a big hit on the Appian Way!

It just wouldn't be Rome without Gelato, now would it?
Ours just happens to be Chocolate Covered Bacon! flavored!


Oh, even tastier than Cheesecake! Our Crostata de Ricotta!

Last but not least for our sweet treats, a very special and rich treat from Sicily!
Our Cassata Siciliana is made with Marizpan, Chocolate, Ricotta Cheese, Dried Fruit, Sponge Cake and Rum, all topped with a Royal Frosting!

Thanks again for joining us for our Nipclub Adventure. We hope you have had as much fun here in Ancient Rome as we have. Please donate to our wonderful shelter if you can.
The Nipclub Crew

Nipclub's Roman Bacchanalia Bar

We hope to have some tasty libations for you, so come on in!
If you can please donate to our wonderful shelter Bichons and Buddies & visit their site here .

Or on the Chip In Page for them
For Direct Donation Link for SmartPhones CLICK HERE.
To Donate directly on the charity's site CLICK HERE.
Please let them know it is a #Nipclub related donation so we can add that to our final total.

On to the drinks!
(that owl is back -->
Boy, is he about to be upset!) 
 A perfect Ancient Roman drink! Spiced Apple Cidar.
Our Bacon! Bourbon Sour!
(Please don't tell the Owl they didn't have Bourbon in
Ancient Rome!)
Or Bailey's either! Our Spiced Pumpkin and Bacon! Bailey's Creme

How about some Hot Mulled Mead? Made with the finest Roman Honey,
 a twist of Orange and flavored with Nip!
Of course we've got Pepi's Sparkletini!! Could it be Nipclub without it?
Poor Owl, no Rum in Ancient Rome either! But that won't stop us!
Our finest Mai Tais for your drinking pleasure.
Please be sure and tip your barktender. Every lira goes to Bichons and Buddys
Butter Beer!
(That'll make the Owl happy!)
Tasty! Our White Wine Sangria

Another Nipclub favorite!
Our Key Lime Niptini

 Perfect for this time of year, Our Carmel Apple Martini is sure to hit the spot.
We have lots of fresh Fruit and Italian Cheeses to go with your libation of choice!
 Poor Caesar!
Our Death in the Afternoon Champagne and Absinthe Cocktail!

 ♫ I Like Pina Coladas... But our poor Owl has just jumped off the Pons Aelius Bridge! No Coconuts in Ancient Rome!

Could it be Nipclub without Hank's Bacon! Beer?
And for the younger anipals or those not ready for our alcoholic drinks,
Hank's Bacon! Root Beer!! 
Did you say capuccino? We've got it!
Our Pumpkin Bacon! Capuccino is sure to be a new Nipclub favorite!

Maybe you'd like your capuccino a little bit more traditional? 
Our Fruit Smoothies and Fruit Juices  

♪ O Sole Mio.•*¨* ♫ Our Musical Latte

Nipclub is proud to serve the finest Fresh Brewed Coffee in the Twitterverse! 

And of course, the finest teas. Just name your variety!

Bacchanalian Kitty hopes you have had a great time!
Thanks once again for joining us. Please help our shelter if you can.
The Nipclub Crew